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Fabulous Easter Egg Hunt

Categories: News

On Sunday 13th March 2016 we held our 5th or 6th annual Easter Egg hunt for the community.

This free event open to anyone in the local community was attended by over 50 children (plus friends and family). The very youngest taking part were toddlers between 18 month and 2 years old. Then the children went up in age to those at the top end of Primary School. The younger children hunted paper eggs, angels, donkeys, baskets, bunnies, chicks and a Cross. The older children hunted over a hundred painted pine cones.

After the hunting had been completed all the children enjoyed crafts and refreshments, including homemade Easter cakes before being awarded their prizes – sweets and chocolates!

It was a great event enjoyed by all who attended.  Thank you to all who helped support this event through prayer and support on the day.