Reverend David Taylor

David TaylorDavid has been at TBC since June 2011.  He is married to Gill and they have three teenage children and one rather neglected rabbit.  Before coming to Thatcham they lived in South London where David was also a Pastor.  He trained for Baptist ministry at Spurgeon’s College nearby, and before that both he and Gill were secondary school teachers in the same area.

David says:

“I first came to know Jesus in a personal way as a child through the teaching and example of my parents and the church we were part of.  Since then Jesus has been a faithful Friend, a forgiving Saviour and the best Boss you can imagine.  As in most lives there have been many ups and downs, and I am just as flawed as the next person, but Jesus is perfect and he gives me an inner strength which enables me to do things I never thought I could.  When I die, I have Jesus’ promise that I will live with him forever along with everyone who trusts in him.  This is something I can’t even begin to get my mind round, but I know it will be fantastic, and my aim is to take as many people with me as I can.

“I’m thrilled to be here in Thatcham.  It’s the first time Gill & I have lived outside London since we were married in 1987, so it’s a big change for us, but we are sure that God has called us here.  My hope for TBC is that together we might become more like Jesus, and hence be a real blessing to the communities in which we live and move.  So whether you attend church or not, if I can be of any help to you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch – I look forward to meeting you.”

Reverend Ken Franklin

Ken_Whos WhoKen was born and grew up in Rugby, Warwickshire. After training for Mechanical Engineering, he ended up switching into Marine Engineering when God called him to be a missionary. Ken served first as a motorman and then as an engineer for 2 years with Youth With A Mission’s “Mercy Ships” in Africa, North America, Europe and Australasia. Ken says “Engineering on the land is quite enjoyable, and I found it far simpler than life at sea. I loved the work at sea despite the fact I never got my sea legs and often we worked in temperatures of 40-47oC. The privilege was in the fact that when we took the ship to its destination, it allowed the mission teams to go out and share the good news of Jesus in a host of practical ways. When Ken wasn’t in the engine room he got to help build a large medical clinic, repair essential home and farm equipment, and equip small communities in healthcare techniques.
Soon afterwards Ken moved from engineering into children and youthwork. Over the next six or so years Ken completed two years of training and then spent nearly five years training people who joined Youth With A Mission’s Kings Kids organisation, as the King’s Kids team leader in Wales. Ken says “God uses us despite our inadequacies. Among those it was my privilege to work with, I helped train a couple from Bangladesh. They were commissioned by a Baptist association of over 230 churches, and they were responsible for developing the children and youth ministry among those churches. And I was supposed to teach them about ministry!”

At the end of this time Ken spent two years software testing before entering the South Wales Baptist College and Cardiff University to train for Baptist Ministry. During five years and two degrees at the college Ken met Clare. They were married in the summer of 2008.

Ken has responsibility for supporting and developing the church’s work amongst the young people and young adults both in the church and in the local community. Ken enjoys making connections with people throughout the local community.

Ken says “There is a great deal of ongoing discussion about the breakdown of communities, and the estrangement of people within them.  Instead at Thatcham Baptist Church we hope for something better. We hope together for the growth of our communities and the building of meaningful relationships between people, with God’s guidance. This is why I moved to Thatcham, and I consider that Thatcham Baptist Church is my new family. I have found that there is always a genuine welcome here from warm, friendly people. It is my most sincere privilege to be a minister for Jesus among them.”

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