Dads and Kids Breakfast Special Events

On 28th November at 8.30am, at Thatcham Baptist Church, Wheelers Green Way.

Dads n Kids Breakfast is the perfect chance for Dads n Kids of all ages to come together, meet with other Dads n Kids and enjoy a good breakfast and some play.

A good breakfast followed by playtime.
Mums love the time off, kids play,
Dads get sausages, everyone wins!

Grandads, Uncles and Carers all welcome too.

Food 8.30am. Then playtime!

Dec Mens Breakfast Special Events

At Thatcham Baptist Church, Wheelers Green Way, from 8am until 9am on 5th December.

Guest speaker this month will be Nick Richmond.

Open to all males age 16 and over at a cost of
£2 per person.

Breakfast consists of: Cereals or Juice; Cooked
Fare (Contents may vary); Tea or Coffee.

To book: Sign the sheet in the Church foyer or
contact Greg Smith on (01635) 860811 before Wednesday 30th September.